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At RGV Vocational Services, we are proud to offer vocational programs that help individuals find, prepare for, and achieve success at the jobs they choose.This includes skill development, job coaching, vocational training, and on-site support. Our staff is passionate about helping people find meaningful employment and is dedicated to helping them achieve success in the workplace.

RGV Vocational Services
Vocational Training

RGV Vocational Services works together with Allied Health Agencies to offers skill-development opportunities providing instruction leading to the certification of vocational programs such as:

    • Medical Assistant                                          

    • Medical Billing and Coding                          

    • Patient Care Technician

Upon successful completion of any our programs the student will have the training necessary to successfully pass the required state exam.

Workplace Expectation

Our experienced vocational instructors provide comprehensive training and prepare individuals for future employment opportunities. Individual and small group trainings focus on building employment skills necessary to maintain a job including:

    • Punctuality

    • Workplace etiquette

    • Time management

    • Self-control

    • Stress management


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