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Medical Assistant


Medical Assistant


The Medical Assistant program prepares students to become entry-level employees in a variety of medical facilities. This is achieved via classroom and clinical hands-on training, as well as professional development. Graduates possess clinical and administrative skills, i.e., EKG, injections, phlebotomy, examinations, patient histories, vital signs, insurance, and billing, which enable them to perform both front and back-office procedures in a physician's private practice, group medical practice, or long-term medical care facilities. A career as a medical assistant will enable one to have a steppingstone to possible future careers in medicine. Medical Assistants play important roles in healthcare teams in a range of medical settings. As the first and final person a patient interacts with, you have a lasting influence on the patient’s experience. Medical Assistants are adaptable, performing a wide range of functions such as:

What we do:

• Taking patient vital signs

• Assisting providers with exams and procedures

• Administering injections or medications

• Performing EKG, phlebotomy, and other essential laboratory procedures

• Checking patients in and out upon arrival and departure

• Answering phone calls and questions

• Updating and maintaining electronic health records

The approximate time required to complete this program is 18 weeks. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Anne J. Garza, NRCMA, AS

Career Programs Director

The Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician Program is spearheaded by Anne J. Garza.  Garza is a Registered Medical Assistant and has dedicated her life to this profession for the last 23 years.  Over the course of her career, she spent 20 years in management of clinical work in Pediatric Pulmonology, Family Practice, and General Pediatrics. 


In 2011, Anne received her Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in Medical Practice Management from Kaplan University and continued to work in that field until 2017 when she accepted a position as a Medical Assistant Instructor for an MA program at a well-known vocational school in McAllen, Texas. Teaching is something that comes natural to Garza, throughout her years on the field she came to enjoy teaching and training new employees and externship students as well as sharing her knowledge obtained thru continuous training and seminars with current employees and colleagues.

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